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Orders will be placed on March 1st.   This is to have them delivered by end of spring break.  Payment can be made online to student fees or in person to the school office once items come in.




Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and New Semester!

We trust you had a good holiday and January so far.  We’re preparing for our trip to Cantando this spring and other festivals.  We are still doing some fundraising in the next few weeks to offset the cost of the trip and will be hosting a bottle/battery drive and a school event in the near future.

Bottle / Battery Drive

The bottle/battery drive will be on February 9th in the morning 9am-12pm.  We have chosen this date to coincide with post-superbowl collection.  We will be handing out flyers to students this week in music class this week in hopes that students will share with neighbors and friends.  If you are available to help it would be great.  Please let me know via email that you’re coming.  We will need a few people with trucks to help collect cans and bottles.

School Event

The students have also shown initiative in producing a school dance.  A small team of students have worked hard to put this idea together including getting meeting with and getting permission from administration, booking a DJ and the location.  The proposed date is February 21st  at the school which is the evening before a Pro-d Day for the district.  We may need parent volunteers as well for this, please let me know if you might be available.

Thank you and have a great week!

Mr. Werner and Mr. Biegel